About Jordan

G’Day friends, From winning the title of Mr Gay World to being featured on Australia’s number one ranked show, My Kitchen Rules, I have always brought my lifelong passion for food and human connection with me. And although life has been busy, I have always managed to take the time to stop and smell the freshly baked bread! ​

Growing up I can remember being in awe of chefs like Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain who had such an ability to connect and inspire people through food. There was no doubt in my mind that this passion to inspire and feed people was distilled in me too and it was exactly what I was going to spend my life doing.

Luckily my beautiful Mama just happened to be one of the most talented cooks this planet has ever seen, so cooking was in my blood and eating was something I had become extensively good at too (with lots of practice of course). From the age of 12, I would study my Mama and Grandma in the kitchen, idolising every smell, bowl lick and family dinner. Food became my love language and it’s still how I show love today.

After an extensive apprenticeship, I launch my first food business, Express Health Meals at the age of 20. It was a booming success and I somehow was managing 11 employees and supplying over 100 offices in Australia with food all before turning 21. From there I continued to hone my craft in the food industry but decided to close my first food venture after being offered a prized internship after graduating University.

Realising that my happiness was dependant on working in the food industry, I stepped away from a career in economics to pursue food one more time. This time I did it with my best friend and Mentor, Mum. We entered Australia’s number one reality show, My Kitchen Rules and managed to connect with people from all across the world, passionately showing our love for traditional style food with a modern flare.

After gaining a substantial social media following, I was quickly pushed across radio stations, publications and TV stations as an ambassador for Marriage Equality in Australia. I released a cookbook ‘The Gay Chef’ with all profits going to LGBTIQ+ mental health charities, started a Queer cooking school and became a dependable voice for my community. My advocacy work leads me to winning the title of Mr Gay World in 2018.

In the food industry, I have performed cooking demonstrations in front of 10,000’s of people on stages across the world, hosted pop up restaurants and still managed to make most family dinners. I have now launched my newest food venture, Outback Eats, serving authentic Australian street food.

As I said, cooking is a part of my DNA and I can’t wait to meet the next person I can inspire and connect with through food.