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Chicken & Leek Pie

This is one of the recipes I constantly get asked for, my Mama’s famous Chicken and Leek Pie. Pete Evans and Colin Fassnidge described it as one of the best pies they have ever had. It is also effortless, making it the perfect meal to whip up in the middle of the week.

I’ll also give you a secret tip, the pie recipe can also be used to transform Christmas leftovers. Simply swap out the chicken for turkey and the bacon for leftover ham. It is fair dinkum fantastic.

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Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie season is upon us and this super cosy vegetarian version is running around on the loose in my house. With Earthy mushrooms and rich decadent gravy, I promise you will not even miss the meat!

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Red Wine Braised Ribs

These Red Wine Braised Ribs are sticky, tender, and exceptionally delicious. A lot of the prep can be done in advanced too, making it a great dish if you have friends of family coming over and you do not want to be stuck in the kitchen. I strongly recommend making an extra batch though because they do seem to move quicker than a crocodile out of water.